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Established technically the last month of 2007, Hoopty’s Pizza & Pasta is proud to celebrate its 10th Anniversary this Summer with the Havertown Community that has enabled a over a decade of success and memorable involvement in the local community.  Now with our 10th year COMPLETE we are happy to celebrate a summer of rewards thanking our customer base of their patronage, loyalty and support.

We’ve tried a lot of different things here, from breakfast pizzas to monte cristo sandwiches.  We’ve made white Russian mockba pizza and Mayan quinoa platters in 2012 for our End of the World party.  For every ten attempts we had 9 failures and 1 success.  But those successes are what have helped define our ability to bridge the gap from pizzeria to restaurant with a quality menu served by the wonderful Hoopty’s staff.

After taking over ownership from Greg in 2011, its been weird having such a diverse staff come and go.  Everyone in the service industry has a shelf life, and most use it as stepping stone to get somewhere else in life which puts many small pizzerias in constant training mode.  I will say however, its most rewarding when now that many of our original staff members have gone thru college, some now with families of their own and have moved into their established careers, come in to grab lunch and just say hello.

So as the owner and operator, we are extremely proud to have hit this milestone, and hope you all enjoy watching us evolve over our second decade.  This being said, from June 2nd thru September 2nd, we are proud to offer the community a  couple special deals at our original menu pricing while playing off the #10 to celebrate our special event!

Large 1-Topping Pizza $10.00

2 Regular Cheese Steaks for $10.00

2 Regular Hoagies for $10.00

Enjoy your day and we hope to see you all soon!