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Since 2011, as in our statement, we’ve set out to become a part of the community we serve, not simply a shop that’s located in it. With that goal in mind there are many foundations, organizations and charities we’ve had the pleasure of helping to support, call attention to and serve over the years. Each one of these groups is composed of dedicated, men, women and children; many of whom volunteer their services to help make a difference. Some we’ve supported once or twice, but many we are proud to support annually year after year. Their impact can be felt with regard to:

  • Environmental Repair & Preservation, Climate Change, Natural Revitalization
  • Animal & Wildlife Rights, Welfare & Protection
  • Childhood & Adolescent Nutrition, Health, Guidance & Well-Being
  • Equality & Support for All Human Beings
  • Education, Athletics, Scholarships & Advancement
  • Backing or Service Men & Women, as well as Post-Service Support
  • Law Enforcement, Fire Fighting & Emergency Response Personnel
  • Various Disabilities, Cancer Research & Support & Other Illnesses
  • Federal, State & Local Government & Politics
  • & MORE!

Each one of these organizations strives on a daily basis to support their cause while striving to make a difference to protect, preserve or repair the environment we reside in, protect the people we hold dear and shelter the animals who count on us to protect their way of life from constant threats, encroachment and expansion.  In addition to charitable foundations, we also support our local parishes and religious centers, schools and libraries and a variety of other local functions that are truly remarkable and much needed in our community.  Thanks for taking the time to share in our interests, if you can find a minute, check them out… you never know where YOU can make the biggest difference! Our combined interests, time & support help make the world, the country and our community a better place for present & future generations…

Below are some of the groups we’ve support over the years & annually through gift card raffles, food donations, monetary support and helping raise awareness. Feel free to use the contact us portion of our site to help support your group or increase awareness through adding them to our website!