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2016 Customer Appreciation Day Banner

Each month, we try to give a little back to the surrounding area in ways that are a little unorthodox but work well for us.  The final Saturday of every month, we hold our monthly customer appreciation event to thank all of you for your patronage, loyalty & support.  It means a lot to us to get constant feedback, good & bad, as it helps us improve and better ourselves as both individuals & professionals alike.

So, how does it work?  We run the event OPEN to CLOSE (11:00AM thru 9:00PM) the last Saturday of each month.  As a special thank you, all Pizzas, Pastas & Salads are discounted $1.00 OFF with additional discounts of 5% OFF orders of $40.00 or more and 10% OFF orders of $50.00 or more.  Additionally, we run free delivery (waived delivery charge) 11 to 4 every Saturday as well as kid’s BOGO open to close.

So Matt, how does the discounts tie into the first paragraph?  Well, I’ll tell you…
Growing up in Havertown between Saint Denis, Boy Scouts, and excellent parental units (extremely patient I might add), I’ve always felt the need to give back when possible, and using the business as an outlet to help others is a system my family and staff have bought into as well.  I’ve hired an awesome crew of guys and gals that share in the vision my wife, family & I have business owners.  As you may have seen in the Charities portion of the website, we donate our counter top tips as a staff to a charity each month.  We sat down in 2011 and forged a plan to donate money to charities (local and otherwise) that had a solid reputation, minimally an A- rating (at the time of research) and an organization that had some ties to the community personally, locally or both.  So we sat down at our monthly staff meeting and elected a variety groups as a staff/family.  Along with customer input we were able to choose from a wide spectrum of environmental, health, military, animal and humanitarian foundations that do their best to make our world a better place.  While we are proud to donate our tips from in house each month, we also take ever dollar saved from our Customer Appreciation Day Event and donate them to the month’s end contribution to the charity we picked for that month!

So wait, I know… so you save a dollar & we donate a dollar sounds like double dipping right?  Well yes your right, that is how it works, but we are happy to do this each month and running the two simultaneously has given us a way to succeed.  We’ve donated over $5,000 in tips since inception in 2011, if you’ve been in the shop picking up you’ve seen the numerous banners on the wall from these groups thanking us for supporting them, help us keep the support going!!

To surmise, thanks for being part of the Hoopty’s Family!  Help us thank you and help others at the same time…sounds like a win win?  It sure is…….

(Here are our sponsored groups for 2016, some changes to past years, some more local influences and as always a much need cause!)