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Our delivery service encompasses the majority of Havertown & Ardmore and touches on select parts of Wynnewood, Haverford, Bryn Mawr, Broomall and Rosemont.  The following map illustrates our current delivery zones as of April 2016. Delivery zones may change if we feel our ability to maintain reliable quality and service suffers. Due to the current traffic patterns coupled with our inability to keep your order to the quality we expect after a certain point, we cannot deliver to Drexel Hill & Upper Darby at this time.  We do thank all of you who think of us who live outside of our delivery area, and we’d be more than happy to prepare your order to pick-up to ensure that not only is the quality maintained, but to also prevent delays with our delivery service in our targeted areas keeping each shift running as smooth and seamless as possible.

Our Current Delivery Area (click to redirect & enlarge)

On the current delivery map, zones A, B, C identify certain distances from the shop which may vary depending on traffic, time of day, etc.  We are located at the heart of Darby & Eagle rush hour (aka the Havertown Parking Lot).  It is our store policy to call you and notify you of any severe delays when delivering to your home or office.  If we are running more than a minute or two behind, please accept our apologies and know that we are doing our best to navigate around the nightmarish conditions that exist during peak traffic hours in certain parts of town.  The zones closer to the shop should see minimal impact when compared to the outer lying edges of our delivery area.  Any issues, feel free to call and check.  Some nights just get so busy we can only minimize our delays until backup arrives.

Our delivery driver corps is composed mostly of high school and college students as well as guys and gals who work part time secondary jobs at night for supplemental income.  Our drivers are not paid in salary, and work strictly off tips and deliveries.  We charge a $2.00 delivery fee per delivery order of which 100% of that fee goes to the delivery driver for their salary which covers gas, mileage and wear and tear on their vehicles.  In addition, it is the prerogative of the customer to tip the driver in accordance with the quality of service you receive.  We leave that decision solely up to each and every one of you!  If you have a great experience with your driver, please remember he or she works off tips.

We do not condone any form of negligence from our delivery drivers.  They are held accountable to our employee code of conduct as well as State and Federal guidelines for safe operations of a motor vehicle.  We always want them to get to each of you in a timely fashion, but we also provide the training to ensure each of them is aware of traffic laws.   We encourage our drivers to buckle up, obey posted speed limits, stay off their phones while behind the wheel of the car and most importantly to stay safe at all times.  In the case of inclement weather, it is the discretion of the driver and/or the onsite management to suspend or modify our delivery service or coverage area. During severe lightning we will ground our drivers until immediate danger has moved past our area.

Please feel free to contact us directly or through the review portion of the site if there is an incident regarding one of our drivers as we may not be aware of a situation if it occurs offsite.

Here is a useful site we’ve found explaining the ins and outs of pizza delivery service. For more information, check out ! Thanks for thinking of us, feel free to let us know how our drivers are doing thru the contact or review portion of our site. See ya soon!