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Each year, our local relationships are expanded through business dealings and personal preferences.  The longer we’re here the greater the number of local businesses we have the pleasure of getting to work with.  In an effort to thank each and every one of them, we’d like to give them a quick shout out below.  These family owned and operated businesses below are guys and gals we have dealt with both through Hoopty’s as well as our Residential needs.  They span landscaping and brick laying to tuxedo and pharmacy needs, legal representation to accounting and banking to computer repair.  We love to do business with the honest and hardworking Havertown (& local) businesses who always strive to give that little extra to make their customers as happy as we do here at Hoopty’s Pizza & Pasta.  We’ve been delighted with our experiences with the following group, and hope you all have the same to say if you give them a shot.  And please, always remember, it may be cost effective or easier to go to corporate places, but the family businesses are the cornerstone of most communities worldwide.  Shop local!