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While it is rare for little mom and pop shops like us to be able to offer the many perks and pleasures of the big corporations, we do try to reward our team members with a little extra here and there.  One of these ways is our monthly winner for the Employee of the month.  We try each month to have a team meeting, if held near months end staff casts their vote on who they feel the hardest working member of the team was that month.  While my wife and I weigh in our votes as well along with customer feedback, it’s the constant peer to peer evaluation that helps keep a fun competitive edge to the day to day aspects of life in a pizzeria.  Each month the winner is rewarded with a paid day off, a gift card (which we hope they use for a nice meal with their families on us) and most importantly a completely embarrassing, and glowing post on social media about why they are the hardest working member that month.  Each winner is put into an annual $500.00 drawing whose name is selected at our annual Christmas party or at the end of the year.  As mentioned before, thank you all for the hard work, lets kick it into high gear and see who comes out on top this month!


2018 Winners to Date

January   •   Paulie Walnuts

February   •   Shawn D.

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