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Over the past 5 years, we’ve had the pleasure of employing a wide spectrum of teammates that have been vital to our growth, success and overall progression to where we are today.  Some of our members are kids with no experiences just getting started in the working world representing schools like Haverford Senior and Haverford Prep, Episcopal, Merion Mercy, Archbishop Carrol and more.  These kids come in every day and through hard work, dedication and patience learn in leaps and bounds moving on years later with confidence, experience and appreciation for fundamentally strong work ethic we try to help instill during their employment with us.  With an average age well below 20 years old, we are constantly in a training phase which does add a little stress to and already high speed and even higher stressed environment.  As they say in the Corps, “High Speed, Low Drag…”  I’ve heard it said that industries with such a low age average and little to no experienced help can be a negative and even business killing factor with regard to day to day and long term operations.  However, we see this is a long term positive with commitment, growth potential and a very rewarding experience for both us and them.  Nothing is more rewarding then watching someone who’s spent 2 to 3 years with us, starting as an inexperienced kid in all aspects of work ethic and skill (and young-adult life in general), graduating and moving on as more experienced adults with confidence and real world experience!

Our full time crew, while limited at times, encompasses an even wider spectrum of teammates we are proud to have as part of the Hoopty’s family.  In addition to college students, many of whom started at 15 and still work on breaks, we have had the pleasure of employing guys and gals from diverse fields spanning from carpentry, mechanics and computer programming to masonry, culinary management and retail.  We are proud to have them as part of the crew, and relish the time each of them have spent working with us, especially with regard to the vital experience they’ve brought in helping with our younger members.  Their input and leadership alone has helped us learn varieties of new things, and as family, friends and employees we are extremely proud of each and every one.It is a combination of chemistry, diversity and teamwork that has enabled Hoopty’s to maintain our stability and growth rate.  The guys and girls, or men and women, mentioned above have helped us surpass each and every goal we’ve set since 2011.  When times get tough, or life throws a curve ball we’ve constantly had their support in picking up an extra shift or two to help us come out on top.  My family, my wife and myself are extremely fond of each and every one of our staff members, and I know I personally don’t thank them enough.  As far as owners go, we are the glue that hold the parts together, but they are the heartbeat that keeps us ticking.  We are very proud to get to know each member of the Hoopty’s Family, and wish them the greatest successes and achievements in life.  While never strangers, there is nothing more enjoyable then a former member coming back in with their family and friends to stop in and say hello.

Thank you, each and every one of you!

Matt, Steph & Family